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Demons and One Small Step - spoilers

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  • Klio624
    spoiler space 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Well, they re finished, but I m still not sure how I feel about things. Regarding Demons ,
    Message 1 of 3926 , Oct 1, 2001
      space<br>1<br>2<br>3<br>4<br>5<br>6<br>7<br>8<br><br>Well, they're finished, but I'm still not sure how I
      feel about things.<br><br>Regarding "Demons", I
      enjoyed the Kira/Taran'atar bonding, the Shar/Nog bonding
      and the Ro/Quark bickering, but the book felt flat.
      The narrative was smooth and the book hung together
      reasonably well, but I didn't feel any sense of urgency
      reading it. I didn't get a strong feeling that something
      *bad* could happen. I'd have been really surprised if
      the evacuation hadn't succeeded. I suppose things
      could go wrong with the 500,000...guess it depends how
      much of the story is left for the WLB section. The
      odds of Kira being killed by the
      radiation....virtually nil, and besides the set up seems to be that
      everyone goes through the doorway on the last page. I was
      momentarily excited when it looked like she was going to go
      through early as I wondered how the book would end, but
      that came to naught. Taran'atar *could* have been
      killed by the Hirogen, but that wasn't really likely,
      given that he's just been introduced as a new major
      character. Vaughn made a not-very-bright command decision,
      but he seems to have gotten away with it so
      far.<br><br>Finished "One Small Step" as well. The benefit of reading
      negative reviews in advance of reading the book was that I
      expected the worst, but got something ok. I enjoyed
      reading about the Kalandans, and it would have been nice
      to have that part further developed. Got the insight
      into the Petraw I was looking for, but they're still
      not terribly exciting as a species. The book's pace
      was rather slow, but the anthropology part kept me
      going. Been a while since I've read a new TOS book too,
      so it was nice to see everybody again.<br><br>The
      lack of excitement seems to be common to the volumes
      that deal directly with the frame story. Perhaps it's
      the fragmented story which is dispersing the tension
      from the situation. It could also be the lack of a
      villainous villain. The Petraw don't inspire much anger or
      fear in me as, while they were trying to deceive and
      scam people, they're just not very good at being bad.
      Thus far, I'm left with the urge to give them a severe
      scolding and send them to the time-out chair so they can
      think about their behaviour.
    • voyagerbooks
      I can t wait either ... psiphi.org.
      Message 3926 of 3926 , Jul 17, 2002
        I can't wait either

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