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Re: [Star Trek Books] RE: Seven

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    Ohhhh, ok - thanks for the heads up! Reesa ... From: tomswift2002 To: startrekbooks Sent: Mon, Sep
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      Ohhhh, ok - thanks for the heads up!  Reesa

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      In TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT, if you listen and watch, a number of times the crews will say the number 47, or use something that has 47 on it.  Here's the Memory Alpha article on it.  http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/47

      One scene that comes to mind right now is from "Star Trek Generations", just after Scotty has beamed the Lakool survivors aboard, he tells Kirk that he got '47...out of 150'.


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      That's a clever idea regarding Seven of Nine's name and I'm not familiar with the 47 gag either.Reesa

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      What 47 gag? I don't recognize the reference!

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      It probably had more to the 47 running gag in the more recent TV shows than
      the TOS episode.

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      I'm reading Assignment Eternity (really fun!) and can't help being struck by
      the ?coincidence? of names --

      Obviously the TOS character "Gary Seven" predates VOY.
      The book came out not long after "Seven of Nine" appeared.

      I just wonder how/why that naming came about!
      Had one of the show-writers been catching up on TOS?
      Had someone seen an early draft/heard talk about the book?

      "Seven" is the only 2-syllable-single-digit-number, so maybe it makes a
      better (better sounding) name.
      But still.......


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