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Re: [Star Trek Books] Enterprise relaunch - What order, please?

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  • Trevor
    With the Rise of The Federation series, Christopher L. Bennett is moving the Enterprise line forward to where the NX-01 has been decommissioned and is in
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 7, 2013
      With the "Rise of The Federation" series, Christopher L. Bennett is moving the Enterprise line forward to where the NX-01 has been decommissioned and is in "mothballs", but the crew is still involved in the events that lead up to what occurs in both the Roddenberry universe and the Abrams universe. I haven't read the first ROTF yet, so I'm not too sure what Bennett's doing in terms of the split, or if he's just going with the Roddenberry universe that ran from 1964-2005.

      But here's the write-up for "Tower Of Babel", from Chapters-indigo.ca:


      'An original novel set in the universe of "Star Trek: Enterprise"

      Having survived its first major crisis, the Federation turns to nation-building as Admiral Jonathan Archer works to bring the worlds of the powerful Rigel system into the young union of the United Federation of Planets. But factions both within the Federation and among its enemies oppose the alliance, and Archer will need all the skills of his former "Enterprise" crewmates to prevent them from plunging Rigel into a systemwide war.'


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      > Hello Trevor and everybody (smile). Is the "Rise Of The Federation: Tower of Babel" (March 2014) book suposed to be set in the Classic Trek timeline and be some backstory for the episode by the same name? If so, I may have to get a hold of that one. I have not been much into any of the books published after DS9's Dominion War. Voyager and Enterprise never really thrilled me much as television series went. It would be nice to find a good Star Trek book again. I love stories that provide backstory.
      > Sara
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      > > For the post-Series books, Enterprise starts with "The Good That Men Do", then it goes "Kobayashi Maru" (watch out there is also a TOS novel by the same name, but it was written in 1989), followed by "Star Trek: Destiny" (tells why the Columbia is not in the following books), "The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor's Wings", "The Romulan War: To Brave The Storm", "Rise Of The Federation: A Choice Of Future's", "Rise Of The Federation: Tower of Babel" (March 2014).
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