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Re: [Star Trek Books] New Enterprise books

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  • Trevor
    ... With Rise Of The Federation , even though I haven t red it yet, I m assuming the it s setting up both Gene Roddenberry s Trek universe that was started in
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2013
      --- In startrekbooks@yahoogroups.com, Linda Wrage <LINWRAGE@...> wrote:
      > I as wondering about that book too. I've read all the Enterprise books up to The Romulan War books. I would be interested in hearing what other people have to say about the Romulan War books.
      > Linda W.

      With "Rise Of The Federation", even though I haven't red it yet, I'm assuming the it's setting up both Gene Roddenberry's Trek universe that was started in 1964, and the J.J. Abrams universe of 2009, and the possible reasons for the different universes.

      Saying that, it would be a good idea if before reading you were caught up on all the Enterprise books released since "The Good That Men Do" back in 2006/07.

      But the Romulan War books, while the first one was okay, the second I felt was very rushed and it felt like 2 books crammed into 1, which led to a weak story that read more like an outline than an actual story, with the odd bit of "meat" thrown in.

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