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Re: OT: Can someone clarify for me?

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  • Trevor
    Quite frankly, when you get into The Good That Men Do , you re going to find that the Enterprise finale was very illogical. Plus the books clear up things
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      Quite frankly, when you get into "The Good That Men Do", you're going to find that the Enterprise finale was very illogical. Plus the books clear up things like, why in 2161 not one member of the command staff had advanced in rank? (Imagine being Hoshi or Mayweather and being stuck at Ensign for a decade while a war was apparently raging all around them? In war, people get promoted very quickly in order to keep the ranks at the fullest they can be. Just look at Nog on DS9, by series end he had gone from being a civilian to a Starfleet cadet, to ensign and then to Lieutenant because of the Dominion War.)

      I just finished reading "Brave The Storm", the last novel in the 'Romulan War' mini-series, and even though I didn't like Enterprise the TV Show, I did find that the authors handled the series better in the books, and Trip's actions are explained a lot better in the books than on the TV episode. Plus, in the episode when Trip goes into the scanner, he gives Archer a wink that is never explained, but the books explain it.

      Onto another topic, currently I'm reading David Mack's "Rise Like Lions" (paperback) and it is really good.

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      > I started reading "The Good That Men Do", excited as ever to read a new 'Enterprise' adventure, but shortly into it, my excitation soured to disgust.
      > Why, do you ask? Because unlike the apparent majority, I really enjoyed the series finale of "Enterprise", and wasn't happy to see a book coming up and saying "Oh, no, that's not what really happened. This is what REALLY happened!"
      > Is my perception accurate, or did I jump the gun on that one?
      > I see these new Enterprise novels, and I haven't been reading them because of that perception.
      > Camren T. Burton
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