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Indistiinguishable from Magic (Possible Spoilers)

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  • Trevor
    I just started to read Indistinguishable From Magic last night, and so far I m really enjoying the story. It s interesting to note that on page 100 Geordi
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      I just started to read "Indistinguishable From Magic" last night, and so far I'm really enjoying the story. It's interesting to note that on page 100 Geordi remarks that he's been the Chief Engineer on two Enterprise's for 19 years, meaning that the story takes place in 2384 (considering that LaForge only became Chief Engineer of the Enterprise-D in 2365 just prior to "The Child"). Boy, are we ever getting close to the events of 2387 as told in the 2009 movie.

      But, one thing that I've noticed quite a bit in the book that I'm not blaming the author for, but the editor's, is the amount of non-editorial work that was done on the book. For example, on page 52 Worf is talking to Geordi and he says that Counsellor Troi would probably be asking "What you do feel?" I don't think Troi would've worded the question in that manner (unless Troi was trying to comfort someone into knowing that they aren't alone with a problem that is shared by multiple people). But then in the next paragraph Geordi says "'What do you feel?'", which I think the author meant to type, but didn't type it properly and it wasn't caught in the editing process. This is the most common editing error that I've seen in the book, either mis-typed word or letter, and it has popped up about 6 or 7 times already.

      Anyway, I'm enjoying the book and I look forward to reading more about Geordi on the Challenger.

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