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Paths of Disharmony (Spoilers)

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  • Trevor
    I just finished Paths of Disharmony , which I m not sure if that was referring to the events in the book, or just the way the book was written. No offense to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2011
      I just finished "Paths of Disharmony", which I'm not sure if that was referring to the events in the book, or just the way the book was written. No offense to the author, but I found that for the first 25 chapters or so the story was just meandering and wasn't really going anywhere and it was taking to long to setup the political situation and I was having trouble picking up the book to continue reading. But then from about Chapter 26 to 40 I found that the speed of the story just seemed to jump from maneuvering thrusters to Warp 9.

      During the last two chapters I was wondering what had happened to Lieutenant sh'Anbi, since Chen had made mention that half of the Andorian crew on the Enterprise had resigned, but there was no mention whether sh'Anbi had been part of that half or had staye in Starfleet.

      Even though I'm not a fan of the TV series "Enterprise", and I don't consider it as part of Star Trek history, I was surprised that none of the characters in "Paths of Disharmony" mentioned anything about how the Andor incident with the Treishya was similar to the Terran incident with Terra Prime. Now then I wasn't expecting one of the human characters to just start talking all of a sudden about the 1995 Quebec Referendum, but I thought for sure that someone would've mentioned the similarities between the Treishya and Terra Prime. (There were even references in the book to Arik Soong and events that had occurred in the "Star Trek: Vanguard" series; I wasn't aware of the STV situation, since while I've got the books, I haven't read them yet.)

      After reading all four Typhon Pact books, I must say that I've found the two middle books, "Seize the Fire" and "Rough Beasts of Empire" to have been the most interesting of the series, with "Zero Sum Game" being the least interesting of all 4 books, and the one that has very quickly faded from mind. "Tyhpon Pact" could've been a great series and as much as a cosmic shaker as "Destiny", but, unfortunately I think that with all the changes in editors at S&S, the series did not coalesce into that shaker that it might've had the editor who had started it all been there till the end.

      And with Andor leaving the Federation, I think what occurred in the first 25 chapters of "Paths of Disharmony" should've been put into a couple of books, even if it was just an epilogue, buidling the momentum up for the Andorian civil war and subsequent events.

      I can't believe that Andor has sesceeeded from the Federation.

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