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Re: [Star Trek Books] Rough Beasts of Empire

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    please don t forget spoiler alerts!!!!  ... From: Trevor Subject: [Star Trek Books] Rough Beasts of Empire To:
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      please don't forget spoiler alerts!!!! 

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      Subject: [Star Trek Books] Rough Beasts of Empire
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      Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 6:49 PM


      I just started to read "Rough Beasts Of Empire" last week (after starting a biography on one of the best musical artists of the 20th century, Karen Carpenter, that I'm going through slowly) and I am really impressed at how quickly I'm going, since in the past I've always found David R. George's work to be, metaphorically, "long-winded" and not the easiest to get through, and not to offend him, but in some of his other books I just found that he was very descriptive of the minute details and that really "bogged down" the speed that the book went at.

      Anyway, even though I'm not married yet (don't have any plans for a while), I must say that I could really feel just how torn Sisko was when he told Kasidy that he had returned to Starfleet and was going to be Captain of the Robinson, and then having Kasidy open the front door and basically tell him to get out.

      Anyway, pretty good so far.


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