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Re: Losing the Piece Review

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  • Trevor
    I just finished Losing The Peace this morning and I wouldn t describe it as a dessert to the Destiny trilogy, since I think this book was more like having
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 23, 2010
      I just finished "Losing The Peace" this morning and I wouldn't describe it as a "dessert" to the Destiny trilogy, since I think this book was more like having a dinner roll after your main course while you are waiting on dessert (which is the Typhon Pact).

      Considering that it took me a year to read "Losing The Peace", and as I think back I was only able to get so far before the book lost its appeal for a few months, just to go back to it to try to finish it, I don't think it has been one of the better post-Destiny books. Of course the Epilogue was excellent in building up the continuing excitement for the Tyhpon Pact stories that will be starting in October (wow, 2.5 months and we'll finally find out what the Tyhpon Pact is), and continuing on from what was established in "A Singular Destiny" and the tid bits in "Full Circle/Unworthy", and "Under A Torrent Sea/Synthesis".

      Rating: 5 out of 10.


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