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Re: [Star Trek Books] Re: Old School Trek Novel Review

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  • Andrew Brown
    I would have to agree that Vardemann didn t know the Trek universe very well at all. This book is a prime example of never judge a book by it s cover to me,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2009
      I would have to agree that Vardemann didn't know the Trek universe very well
      at all. This book is a prime example of "never judge a book by it's cover"
      to me, as it was my first ever ST novel, bought because I liked the Klingon
      battlecruiser on the cover. Despite the fact that the Klingon ship in the
      novel was a dreadnought! The characterisations were very off in my opinion,
      but I have to give the guy his due as a sci-fi writer, if not a Trek one.
      The story itself was actually pretty cool, now that I think back on it. I
      just think his sequel 'Mutiny on the Enterprise' was even worse, even though
      the sci-fi aspects again were pretty cool, like the planet they end up

      Wow. This turned into a far more positive review than I thought it would!


      2009/6/30 trevthurlow <tomswift2002@...>

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      > > The Klingon Gambit (1981)
      > > by Robert E. Vardeman
      > > 158 pages
      > >
      > > This short Trek novel from 1981 was very much like watching an episode of
      > the original series. It was good enough, in that respect, and it wasn't
      > that complicated, though the resolution wasn't very satisfying. Also, the
      > two halves of the book were different in that, in the first half, the
      > characterizations of Kirk and McCoy seemed off. They talked in a way I
      > don't think they ever would, very formal in some instances, using words I
      > don't think they would ever say. There were also a number of typographical
      > errors that were annoying. The second half went smoothly, though, and the
      > characters were fine. But, I also wonder if the author had done much scifi
      > writing. He would use awkward terms like "ray gun" several times and things
      > that someone "in the biz" I wouldn't think would use. There are many better
      > novels out there. I'll be selling this one to Half Price Books.
      > >
      > > ASF
      > Robert E. Vardeman donned the guise of Victor Appleton in 1983 with "Tom
      > Swift: Gateway To Doom", and again in 1992 with "Tom Swift: Microbots" and
      > "Tom Swift: Mutant Beach". I've been in contact with Robert Vardeman through
      > a Tom Swift group that I'm with. And I must say, his Tom Swift books are
      > better than his Star Trek books.
      > Trevor


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