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Re: series vs. standalones (part 2)

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  • YoungTrek
    [Continued from part 1] Klio -- It occurred to me that one possible reason for the standalone decline is the difficulty in finding them on the shelf. I
    Message 1 of 3926 , Feb 6, 2001
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      [Continued from part 1]<br><br>Klio -- "It
      occurred to me that one possible reason for the standalone
      decline is the difficulty in finding them on the shelf. I
      went to my local bookstore to buy DI and ended up
      sorting out the shelves because they were a mishmash of
      mixed up series and I couldn't find anything. ...
      People will search if they really want the book, but I
      would think that single titles blending into the
      background could limit impulse buying."<br><br>Me (from now
      on) -- I would disagree with this. People who are
      "searching" for a particular book may have problems (such as
      with the recently released "Diplomatic
      Implausibility", although I was in a Waldenbooks today and had
      absolutely no problems locating it or "Tooth and Claw").
      However true impulse buyers are not already looking for a
      particular thing, therefore "browsing" the shelves is
      preferable. They may see something (stand-alone or
      mini-series) which they otherwise hadn't heard of, and Star
      Trek sections are usually great for browsing (although
      since I already have all of the novels it's merely a
      visual treat for me to see all of them on the shelves
      together).<br><br>As for my opinion, I believe (like in many things) a
      balance is best. Equal time devoted to stand-alone
      novels, mini-series arcs, and hardback giants is my
      preference (although not hardbacks tied into otherwise
      paperback books series!!!). <br><br>Despite my arguments
      above about the older numbering system, I also prefer
      them as well. Maybe Pocket could keep numbering them
      in the small typeface on the back of the title page
      or something for completists like me if they ever
      decide to drop them off the covers altogether (for the
      TOS Star Trek and "Next Gen." series).<br><br>I would
      agree however that the cutting up of what would have
      been released in the past as "giant novels" into
      duologies and trilogies just to artifically create the
      series effect should stop. I don't know the best way to
      achieve this however outside of a trusted few buying
      them, reading them, and then informing the rest of the
      fans via the 'net whether or not the story warranted
      more than one book (which would of course be very
      subjective).<br><br>David Young
    • voyagerbooks
      I can t wait either ... psiphi.org.
      Message 3926 of 3926 , Jul 17, 2002
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        I can't wait either

        --- In startrekbooks@y..., HunterRex wrote:
        > I saw it on TrekToday's website and on the Star Trek Book BBS at
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