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Re: series vs. standalones (part 1)

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  • YoungTrek
    [I had to cut my posting in two because the board said it was too long. Please read straight from this one to part two for the originally intended
    Message 1 of 3926 , Feb 6, 2001
      [I had to cut my posting in two because the board
      said it was too long. Please read straight from this
      one to part two for the originally intended
      effect--DY.]<br><br>Spaci -- "Not only does Pocket need to quit splitting
      books, they also need to back off of the serial books a
      little bit as well. ... Pocket is going to be losing
      some readers if they always have to buy more than one
      book."<br><br>Albeshiloh -- "The series and trilogies and crossovers all
      sell =SIGNIFICANTLY= better than the standalones.
      While they're not abandoning standalones altogether,
      the fact of the matter is that the series sell =much=
      better."<br><br>Me -- It does not surprise me a bit that the
      mini-series format sells much better than stand alones, for
      at least a couple different reasons. First,
      trilogies have a very strong tradition on fantasy and
      science fiction (examples, Star Wars and Lord of the
      Rings). When a sci-fi fan sees a new trilogy, they may
      think along these lines. Also a trilogy seems to
      insinuate a beginning, middle, and end (although the recent
      Rhiannsu series certainly didn't provide this). Finally,
      think back to when these mini-series were first
      appearing. For years up until then, even though all of the
      Trek books were single-book stories, they were still
      numbered. So a fan would see Star Trek #48 on the shelf and
      perhaps question themselves as to whether or not they
      wanted to get a book so far into the series (even though
      each book stood alone), and they perhaps would also
      have thoughts that this was "just another Star Trek
      book" being churned out. I'm sure at that time the
      novelty of getting books #1, 2 and 3 all in one pop was
      quite appealing at the time (and still is) to many
      people.<br><br>Klio -- "I'll be reading them from the library first
      and then purchasing a copy of those books that I like
      for my collection. It's a more annoying way of book
      gathering, but I don't see any other way to get my message
      across. As long as people buy mini-books and series, they
      will be produced."<br><br>Me -- Of course your final
      statement is a true one about Pocket continuing to produce
      series books as long as people buy them. On the other
      hand have you considered that even just checking them
      out from the library is supporting Pocket? I work at
      a library (high school). If a book is checked out
      enough, the library will buy more copies of it, and in
      the case of series books like Star Trek they will buy
      more books in the series. On the other hand, it's
      harder for you as a reader to get a complete story with
      the mini-series books because libraries can rarely
      keep up with ordering every book in a series.
    • voyagerbooks
      I can t wait either ... psiphi.org.
      Message 3926 of 3926 , Jul 17, 2002
        I can't wait either

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        > I saw it on TrekToday's website and on the Star Trek Book BBS at
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