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Re: Diplomatic Implausbilty

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  • albeshiloh
    imacmike said: Finished Keith s book last night and it was GREAT! I say: Thank you! imacmike also said: I look forward to reading more
    Message 1 of 3926 , Jan 31, 2001
      imacmike said: "Finished Keith's book last night
      and it was GREAT!"<br><br>I say: Thank
      you!<br><br><br>imacmike also said: "I look forward to reading more about
      the GORKON and Worf."<br><br>I say: You'll be happy
      to know that the Gorkon crew will be returning in
      Book 2 of my duology THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, which will
      be published in May 2002. (I know, it's a long wait,
      but I haven't even started writing the fershlugginer
      things yet...)<br><br><br>imacmike concluded with: "And
      Keith, if you are listening, thanks for a great
      read!"<br><br>I am listening, and you're
      welcome!<br><br><br><br>Keith R.A.
    • voyagerbooks
      I can t wait either ... psiphi.org.
      Message 3926 of 3926 , Jul 17, 2002
        I can't wait either

        --- In startrekbooks@y..., HunterRex wrote:
        > I saw it on TrekToday's website and on the Star Trek Book BBS at
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