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Ask Terri O--an author Q & A

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  • Jackie
    Tom Sharp is doing another author Q & A and this time up it is Terri Osborne. Terri Osborne has stories in this fall s two big Star Trek anthologies, Three
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      Tom Sharp is doing another author Q & A and this time up it is Terri

      Terri Osborne has stories in this fall's two big Star Trek
      anthologies, 'Three Sides to Every Story' in "Prophecy and Change"
      and 'Q'uandary' in "No Limits".


      From the sites announcement:

      "Set during the first six episodes of Deep Space Nine's sixth
      season, 'Three Sides to Every Story' tells the tale of the brief, but
      powerful friendship formed by the son of Benjamin Sisko and the
      daughter of Gul Dukat. Even as battles are fought across the Alpha
      Quadrant, Jake Sisko and Tora Ziyal form a bond of friendship not
      easily broken. Ms. Osborne's story has been called "one of the best"
      in this special anthology celebrating the tenth anniversary of Star
      Trek: Deep Space Nine.

      Coming later this month is the first Star Trek: New Frontier
      anthology, edited by Peter David. This collection will feature
      stories of the characters before they became members of the USS
      Excalibur crew. From Ms. Osborne's own website, 'Q'uandary' is "the
      story of an encounter Selar had with the Q during her tenure on the
      Enterprise-D that has shaped some of what the Selar we know in New
      Frontier is today. It's set during The Next Generation's sixth season-
      -sort of. It's also sort of set during the first season of The Next
      Generation, as well as the third season of Voyager. How? Let's just
      say when the Q are involved, nothing is ever what it seems, and
      agreements with the Q never go as planned."

      Now there is an opportunity for fans and readers the world over to
      join the discussion about these incredible stories by submitting
      their questions about them to Terri Osborne herself!

      WHEN: Anytime up until midnight GMT, October 25, 2003

      WHERE: askterrio@...

      HOW: Just send an email with your question(s) to askterrio@...
      by October 25, 2003. Please include your full name, place of
      residence and email contact information in your email. Ms. Osborne
      will choose the most interesting questions to answer in an article
      that will be available at the Deep Space Nine Avatar Website at
      http://www.angelfire.com/trek/avatar/main.html early in November."

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