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9391RE: [Star Trek Books] Re: "Stone and Anvil" Info

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  • John Kirk
    Sep 1 3:18 AM
      > Can you read the e-books from home without having to pay for them?

      Well, once you have an e-book, the actual program you use to read it is free, e.g. the Palm Desktop Reader, or Microsoft Reader (depending on which format the e-books are in). However, you do need to actually get the e-book in the first place.

      One option is to buy them from a website (you enter your credit card details, then you download the e-book) - I normally go to Palm Digital Media:
      (that link gives you a list of all Peter David's books, which includes the New Frontier novels). Alternately, the e-books are free on the CD that comes with the hardback, but you would need to get hold of the hardback - either buy it, or borrow it from the library. So, you may be able to get them free, or you may not.

      Actually, I'll be interested to see how they handle the piracy issue here. The way it works when you buy something from Palm Digital Media is that the books are linked to your credit card, so you have to type that number in to "activate" the book the first time you read it. (Once it's active, it stays active, so it's not a major hassle.) That means that people are unlikely to pass copies around on websites etc., without exposing themselves. (Also, the dodgy copies would be directly traceable.) That won't be practical for the CD copies, so maybe they'll be unprotected? Just to clarify here, I am not advocating illegal copying in any way, shape, or form, I'm just curious about the logistics involved.

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