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8958Re: [Star Trek Books] Re: New STAR TREK T.V. series?

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  • don hallenbeck
    Aug 1, 2003
      Hi, Jerry, You're right it is confusing. It links to Paramount & to 2 other websites I've never heard of. The break down of this project seems to set it either after TNG or maybe during or after Voyager. It makes reference to Cmdr Checkov & Capt. Archer & Cocharn & his "wife" the Ex-starfleet commissioner we met in a TOS Episode. If somebody had an In with Paramount, I 'd suggest getting in touch with them to see what's up with this project. From the look & the "feel" I'd say we've indeed got either another movie or TV series in the works. from one of the actors list as a major charcter(Marsters) it might be TV as the Actor was in the Buffy The Vampire TV series & is set to be on the new season of the Spin off from that show, Angel, this fall. I'll ask on the WB board I'm on & see if anyone has heard anything there. The Flash

      Jerry L Seward <Jerry457@...> wrote:Jenn--

      Here's the link to the site that has my friend and his
      acquaintance confused:


      What do you think?



      On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:47:35 -0700 "Next Jenn" <jenncole1@...>
      Well Jerry,

      It would depend on who your friend is... :-) I'm part of a Trek fan
      video Internet series, and we have an upcoming episode that will feature
      three Cardassians, and while I am the director, we have held auditions
      for the Cardassian characters... Hmm, makes me kinda curious, like
      you... :-)

      However, I kinda doubt it has anything to do with oury series, as we've
      been around for just a tad over four years now.

      Anyone going to the creation show this weekend in Vegas? I'll be there.
      I'll be a volunteer worker bee, somewhere...

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      From: Jerry Seward
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 1:45 PM
      Subject: OT: New STAR TREK T.V. series?

      O.K., a rumor is starting that there's a new STAR TREK series
      development. A screenwriter friend told me this, saying his source, an
      acquaintance of his, was up for a recurring role as a Cardassian and
      really excited about it. I asked him was it ENTERPRISE, he said no,
      it was something entirely new. I can't imagine Paramount doing a new
      series and a Cardassian would seem to be out of place on the prequel
      series. Unless this is some fan-produced project ala the STAR WARS fan
      films, and my friend's been misled. Anyone hear anything similar?


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