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7683Re: [Star Trek Books] Writers Talk

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  • Staci Hapdock
    Jun 5, 2003
      Oh, I realize that. I just meant that I want as many of 'em as I can get my grubby little hands on! :)

      "Keith R.A. DeCandido" <krad@...> wrote:

      > ("Diplomatic Implausibility II" anybody?) ;)
      >If you're asking for opinions then YES!!! I want!!!
      > Otherwise, don't tease us.


      No plans for a =direct= sequel as such, but I'm revisiting both Ambassador
      Worf and Captain Klag quite a bit, worry not....

      Keith R.A. DeCandido
      DeCandido.net | AlbeShiloh.com | KRADfanclub.com

      "Pretension pretension pretension amazing action scene pretension
      pretension pretension amazing chase scene pretension pretension pretension
      fight scene going on a bit too long pretension pretension pretension
      amazing fight scene pretension pretension pretension: worth it on DVD, if
      you watch the courtyard fight, the highway chase, and nothing else: an
      ordeal in the theatre."
      ---Adam-Troy Castro on MATRIX RELOADED, 18 May 2003

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