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6413Re: "Nemesis" book & movie SPOILERS

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  • youngtrek
    Jan 1, 2003
      --- In startrekbooks@yahoogroups.com, Jackie Bundy <msferengi@y...>
      > There is a brief scene in the novel when someone (I
      > think it's Guinan) asks Worf why he's no longer an
      > ambassador. He just replies that he wasn't suited for
      > it. That's about it. No explanation of why Worf's
      > onboard in uniform and acting like a member of the
      > crew. Perhaps he was just along for the ride to
      > Betazed and decided to lend a hand? I suppose it's up
      > to each individual to interpret Worf's presence in
      > their own way.

      I don't see why several people have questions about Worf being in
      uniform. Oftentimes retired officers wear their old uniforms for
      special events/occasions. Even if they had come out and confirmed
      this much touted theory that Worf was "just along for the ride", he
      would still very likey have been in uniform.

      Before seeing the movie, I also thought they would go with Worf just
      being there for the wedding and then being dragged into the crisis.
      However, Worf's role in the film (brief though it was) just didn't
      seem that way to me. He *was* a member of the crew again.

      Therefore, my interpretation of events has to be that Worf was an
      ambassador for awhile (what is it, two years between "What You Leave
      Behind" and NEMESIS?), something happened to make him leave that
      position, and he decided the place he wanted to be was on
      Enterprise. (Hey, maybe Picard and crew were actually involved in
      whatever happened to Worf to make him give up his position as
      ambassador. When Worf couldn't stay, Enterprise was there to be home
      again. How knows? It's all speculation until KRAD tells us what
      really happened.) ;)

      David Young
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