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6412RE: [Star Trek Books] "Nemesis" book & movie SPOILERS

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  • Ian McFarlane
    Jan 1, 2003
      Let's face facts. Something incredibly interesting caused Worf to return
      to Starfleet. The studios wanted to make the film palatable to those in
      the audience who perhaps were only casual watchers of the Trek franchise
      and didn't know all the nitty gritties of Worf's career.

      I still think 2 lines of explanatory dialogue could have provided a
      transitionary cushion to please the fans and provide some interesting
      flavor for the movie but hey.I'm just a fan.I'm not familiar with the
      modern new fangled ways of watering down stories to make some kind of
      arbitrary 2 hr cutoff limit.

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      don hallenbeck wrote:

      > What Jackie says is possible,I.E., That Worf was just hitching a ride
      > & put on the uniform for oldtimes sake & the wedding & that when the
      > emergency came up, he pulled rank on a Jr. officer with less
      > experience to handle the emergency, after all Capt. Riker to be had
      > his hands full,Geordi had his hands full in engineering, Capt. picard
      > had his hands full, Mrs. Riker was at the helm after the office
      > conning the helm was either injured or killed, Data was already
      > multitasking, Not to mention Dr. Crusher in sick bay. I think Worf saw

      > that he was needed & steped in. Just my $.50 Don H.

      That doesn't explain why Worf was still on board the Enterprise while it

      was in spacedock at the end of the film. Maybe he was waiting for a ride



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