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6411Re: [Star Trek Books] "Nemesis" book & movie SPOILERS

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  • DavidRB
    Jan 1, 2003
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      don hallenbeck wrote:

      > What Jackie says is possible,I.E., That Worf was just hitching a ride
      > & put on the uniform for oldtimes sake & the wedding & that when the
      > emergency came up, he pulled rank on a Jr. officer with less
      > experience to handle the emergency, after all Capt. Riker to be had
      > his hands full,Geordi had his hands full in engineering, Capt. picard
      > had his hands full, Mrs. Riker was at the helm after the office
      > conning the helm was either injured or killed, Data was already
      > multitasking, Not to mention Dr. Crusher in sick bay. I think Worf saw
      > that he was needed & steped in. Just my $.50 Don H.

      That doesn't explain why Worf was still on board the Enterprise while it
      was in spacedock at the end of the film. Maybe he was waiting for a ride

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