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6116Re: [Star Trek Books] Re: Does anyone remember the DS9: Rebels trilogy?

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  • don hallenbeck
    Dec 3 11:12 AM
      Say, Mr. Odo, Sir, May I respectfully suggest that you
      take your books in your get rid of box to your local
      public Library as If they don't have a particular book
      or have a well worn copy, it might find its way to
      their shelves or in their used book sale to help them
      raise $$$$$$ for new books, etc. Don H.
      --- Tom <od0_ital2@...> wrote:
      > If it makes ya feel any better, I paid full price
      > for all three at
      > Barnes & Noble last year. The only reason I bought
      > them was because
      > of the incredible Fallen Heroes.
      > I was robbed!
      > Talking horse things, an ensign in command of the
      > Defiant, the
      > Defiant submerged under water communicating with a
      > giant jellyfish,
      > AND a religious leader in charge of the station -
      > what the hell!?!?!?
      > I was going through my shelves the other day, to
      > make room for new
      > books and the Rebels trilogy were the first ones I
      > threw into
      > the "get rid of" box.
      > Tom
      > http://www.angelfire.com/trek/avatar/main.html

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