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5154Re: [Star Trek Books] Imazdi II

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  • Staci Hapdock
    Aug 2, 2002
      I too really enjoyed Imzadi II. I agree that it's not quite at the level of Imzadi, but it's fun, and it showcases some sides of Worf's personality that we only ever got to see hints of. We'd already seen that Worf could be diplomatic if he absolutely had to be, so it makes sense that he'd use diplomacy in dealing with Lwaxana. And we got to see some of the 'sensitive' side that Worf so obviously had, but so rarely showed.
      But, I would have loved the book if only for one seen only. The one where Worf was introducing Deanna to his parents. 'You know, your mother and I met the same way.....' I just about hurt myself laughing at that.
      mhickers <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote: --- In startrekbooks@y..., Jackie Bundy <msferengi@y...> wrote:
      > --- elsietcow <elsietcow@y...> wrote:
      > > --- In startrekbooks@y..., Staci Hapdock
      > "I also thought the characterization of Worf was off-
      > he was using certain phrases and speaking in ways that
      > had me thinking "Worf would never say that..." "
      > I found myself feeling the same way about Imzadi II.
      > Especially the way he let Mrs. Troi treat him. Even
      > for love I can't picture Worf taking that.

      I think I'm one of the few Trek readers who really enjoyed Imzadi
      II. It wasn't quite on par with Imzadi, but it did a superb job of
      bridging the gap between Worf's feelings for Troi in TNG and his
      relationship with Jaxdia in DS9.

      As for Worf's allowing Luxwana to treat him the way she did, I can
      say as a person who recently got engaged, you will sometimes bite
      your tongue for the good of your future bride's (and you own) sanity
      and feelings. Worf loved Troi enough that he was willing to take a
      few barbs from Mrs. Troi and to roll with the punches--because he
      honestly wanted to marry Troi and make her happy. And despite the
      long-standing feud-like nature of the relationship of Troi and her
      mom, Worf may have not wanted to add to that. So he bit back his
      instinct to fight back and did what he may have felt was the more
      honorable thing--to try and keep the family unified and not fighting
      amongst themselves.

      But that's just one guys opinion...

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