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4892Re: Has any one read the book version of broken bow?

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  • youngtrek
    Jul 2, 2002
      --- In startrekbooks@y..., "gary_i_mcadam" <gary_i_mcadam@y...> wrote:
      > If that's the case then David, will this also apply to the
      > novelization of 'Nemesis'?
      > Gary
      > Trek Fiction Forum Moderator http:/www.stardatenow.com

      While I do not recall if John Ordover has said so specifically in
      regards to NEMESIS, he has spoken a few times on the movie
      novelizations going the hardback routine. The last one to be
      rereleased in paperback was GENERATIONS. FIRST CONTACT and
      INSURRECTION were only hardbacks, and I'd presume that NEMESIS will
      be as well. (Since this started with the BROKEN BOW novelization, I
      should mention that coming the fall will be a hardback novelizing
      both parts of "Shockwave".)

      David Young
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