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4883Re: Has any one read the book version of broken bow?

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  • youngtrek
    Jul 1, 2002
      --- In startrekbooks@y..., "voyagerbooks" <voyager.books@n...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the info. do you know if its going to be out in
      > paperback . After checking on the site. I have decided that if I
      > Its sounds like a good read. I enjoy books written about tv
      > episodes.

      Glad you found it useful. Don't forget that it's just what I thought
      of it. You might read it and not enjoy it. Don't want you to think
      that I "talked you into it". ;)

      And as Msferengi has already said, there doesn't seem to be any plans
      on doing BROKEN BOW as a paperback. This goes back to a larger
      decision a few years back to do novelizations in hardback only. John
      Ordover has said that by the time the mass market paperback hits the
      shelf months later, most of the interest in a novelization of a movie
      or a big TV episode has apparently worn off and sales aren't good
      enough to warrant one. Too bad. As a result though, the
      novelizations are the only ones I buy in hardback any more. (I buy
      so many books that it just doesn't make sense for me personally to
      pay somewhere between three to four times as much for a hardback when
      I can just wait for the paperback version to ship, especially since I
      rarely read them until well after I get them.)

      David Young
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