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25924Re: [Star Trek Books] "No Time Like the Past" by Greg Cox - A brief review

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  • bj
    Mar 22, 2014
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      I really enjoyed this one too, it's an interesting "crossover" story.

      I've been reading several TOS books where they go "otherwhere & otherwhen"--
      Windows on a Lost World
      Abode of Life
      Chain of Attack
      Final Nexus (just finished -- really agree with a reviewer's alert that it's
      best to read Chain first so Nexus really makes more sense!)

      An enjoyable ride, still catching my breath!

      Can't Decide what to read next (i.e. start tomorrow!) -- I figure I'll
      either stick to TOS with Disinherited or move on to the Lost Era.

      Unless someone has a suggestion *tonight* for another along the theme of the
      above list??

      So many (delicious) decisions!

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      From: Strider Elfstone
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      I'm about 2/3 of the way through this one, and I also can't put it
      down--unfortunately, I only get to read it late at night when everything
      else is done! I stick pretty strictly to TOS, but this book is nevertheless
      easy to follow and understand. I'm enjoying it immensely.

      On Saturday, March 22, 2014 7:03 AM, Linda Wrage <LINWRAGE@...>

      This book is definitely on my 'to read' list. As soon as I read the blurb
      for this book, I knew I wanted to buy it. I have really been a fan of Greg
      Cox's other Star Trek novels.

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      Subject: [Star Trek Books] "No Time Like the Past" by Greg Cox - A brief

      I recently had the pleasure of reading Greg Cox's latest foray into Star
      Trek, "No Time Like the Past". Although billed as a TOS novel, it is more
      accurate to say that it is a TOS / VGR novel.

      I know what you're thinking - "How the blazes could they pull that off
      without totally mucking up history?"

      Mr. Cox managed, with grace and the skilled hand of a true Trek author, to
      bring Seven of Nine into the 23rd Century, where she ends up working with
      none other than the crew of the Enterprise! And all without mucking up the

      In fact, I'm wishing this book could've been made into a TV movie. It was a
      hell of a read, and I couldn't put it down, except when fatigue overcame me,
      and caffeine just wasn't doing the job anymore.

      I also had my wife buy a copy of this book for her Kindle, and I'm eager to
      hear what she thinks of the story.

      Check out this novel, people! I strongly, forcefully, recommend it! You
      won't be sorry!

      Camren T. Burton
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