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  • photoman_flash
    Dec 31, 2013

      Reading some back number Tom Clancy Novels. Can't lay a hand on any ST novels in my Town or next town to my north. Wal _mart doesn't carry ST novels(Barely carries any popular fiction. Selection is mostly romances & hoss operas & some non fiction. In short, Wal_Mart's book selection stinks.).    I can't get to Waterville or Bangor where there are bookstores to pick up some ST Novels as I don't drive & there's no public transportation in my town( Big Grey Dog don't stop here no more & no taxi service either.).

        FYI: There's a Candy AD ( Twizzler's) making its way round the TV Dial that's ST related, the candy forms into Enterprise(NCC-1701, no Bloody A,B,C Or D!) headed into warp. I think its from the 1st ST movie. not 100% sure. 

         Well, that's it from this outpost for a Yr., See U all in the Next Yr. Sometime.

         Histericlly Yours,

        Don H.

      P.S. if any of you folks that are w/o snow & Ice want some, come to Me. & take our Extra home w/u. Last storm Sun. into Mon. left my area w/ 1' of new snow after weekend b4 last's Ice Storm for Xmas.

      How Many days till Spring & 60* + for Temps. ???????