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25890Re: [Star Trek Books] Star Trek SCE

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  • bj
    Oct 7, 2013
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      I really enjoyed that series -- sorry to see it end.

      With an engineer for a father (now long gone) I'm rather partial to seeing
      the problem-solver build-it-&-fix-it guys be the heroes for a change,
      instead of shuffled off to the background by the stars of the show
      (the drivers & shooters)

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      Remembrance of Things Past was the final SCE story.


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      I am currently reading Star Trek_ Corp of Engineers - 074 - Remembrance of
      Things Past - Book 2, Star Trek SCE and am wondering if any books have since
      come out after this series for the S.C.E.?

      I have tried looking for books after from this series, but I am unable to
      find any.I am just wondering what is the most current book from this Star
      Trek Series.

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