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  • akinssr@aol.com
    Sep 22, 2013
      That's a clever idea regarding Seven of Nine's name and I'm not familiar with the 47 gag either.Reesa

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      What 47 gag? I don't recognize the reference!

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      It probably had more to the 47 running gag in the more recent TV shows than
      the TOS episode.

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      I'm reading Assignment Eternity (really fun!) and can't help being struck by
      the ?coincidence? of names --

      Obviously the TOS character "Gary Seven" predates VOY.
      The book came out not long after "Seven of Nine" appeared.

      I just wonder how/why that naming came about!
      Had one of the show-writers been catching up on TOS?
      Had someone seen an early draft/heard talk about the book?

      "Seven" is the only 2-syllable-single-digit-number, so maybe it makes a
      better (better sounding) name.
      But still.......


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