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25864Re: [Star Trek Books] RE: Questions about Star Trek storyline roadmap...(MAJOR MAJOR spoilers so be vewwy vewwy cah-fool)

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  • Keith R. A. DeCandido
    Sep 2, 2013
      > > The destruction of Romulus in 2387 was a clearly established fact in the
      > > 2009 Star Trek movie, so once the novels get to 2387 the authors will have
      > > to write with that fact in mind, as it is part of the mainstream universe,
      > > just like the events of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home that took place in
      > > 1986. Picard's Ambassadorship and Data's captaining of the Enterprise-E are
      > > from the comic "Countdown", so it will have to be seen.

      Actually, the novel line is totally not beholden to anything established in the
      COUNTDOWN comic book. The only thing they have to acknowledge is the destruction
      of Romulus in 2387 and Spock and Nero and his crew disappearing right after

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