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25790DEVIL'S BARGAIN by Tony Daniel (no spoilers)

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  • Linda Wrage
    May 10 4:59 PM
      I recently read DEVIL'S BARGAIN by Tony Daniel. (This book features the original
      cast.) I thought overall this book was pretty good. At first it seemed like it
      was going to be pretty predictable. It started out with the Enterprise going to
      the frontier colony planet, Vesbius. A large meteor is coming directly for the
      planet and Kirk has orders to help move the colonists from the planet. Only when
      the Enterprise gets to Vesbius they find that the colonists have no intention of
      leaving their planet. By the middle of the book, the action picks up nicely and
      we get to revisit a favorite group of aliens. Spock gets most of the good lines
      in this book, although Scotty really shines in places with his engineering

      Linda W.

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