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25651Re: [Star Trek Books] Re: Reading suggestions?

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  • bj
    Sep 19, 2012
      Apparently I'm not reading the same book you did. :-)
      I'm enjoying Fallen Gods, although the jawbreaker name of the <ancient race>
      is a bit of a hitch in the process.

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      From: Trevor
      Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2012 5:20 PM
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      Subject: [Star Trek Books] Re: Reading suggestions?

      With the Titan books I would higly recommend that you do not read "Fallen
      Gods". I just finshed it about a month ago, and it was very poorly written.
      The alien race was uninteresting, character development seemed to go in the
      opposite direction, and again with the alien race they had two sects, one
      that was religious and one that was science-minded, and the way Michael
      Martin handled the religion vs. science issue was very poor, since instead
      of handling it civilly, it felt like he took you into a room, locked the
      door and pointed a gun at you and said "Okay, let's talk about this".
      Seriously the subject has been covered a lot better in other books and
      episodes. Plus the book is easily forgettable, but it's not as bad as "Last
      Full Measure" (at least I could get through "Fallen Gods").

      Plus with "Fallen Gods" Michael Marin keeps referring back to "Seize The
      Fire", which, as far as I'm concerned was a better book, but is just as
      forgettable, so it was hard to follow, especially since "Seize The Fire"
      came out in 2010, and that was when I last read that book.

      "Struggle Within" I have read, since when I got my iPhone back in the spring
      I downloaded the Kobo app and used this book as the test; I'm not converting
      to ebooks just yet.

      But "Struggle Within" deals with the Talarians from 'Suddenly Human' and
      Jono. It's an interesting read, but so far nothing from this ebook has made
      its way into the other Typhon Pact books, since it was noted in "Plagues of
      Night", the Holy Order of The Kinshara is way on the other side of Klingon
      space and none of its borders even touch Federation borders, so in a way it
      is kind of like the Great Lakes here in North America where Lake's Huron,
      Ontario, Erie and Superior touch both Canadian and US borders, but Lake
      Michigan is completely within the US.


      --- In startrekbooks@yahoogroups.com, "bj" <bjones44@...> wrote:
      > I've finished re-reading some of the Titan books, ending with Synthesis.
      > Then I veered over to re-do some Typhon Pact. Now I've finished Paths
      > of Disharmony. (Yowzaa! even a re-read has been exciting!)
      > Would I do better to continue with Typhon Pact -- Plagues of Night
      > (not sure I'm up for so much politics in Struggle Within!)
      > or return to Titan -- Fallen Gods??
      > I can see the order of publication, but what would be the
      > best for order-of-events?
      > Is there something else I don't know about or have forgotten
      > that would fit in here?
      > Ideas, anyone?
      > Thanks.
      > bj
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