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25638Titan: Fallen Gods (Spoilers)

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  • Trevor
    Aug 15, 2012
      Titan: Fallen Gods
      by Michael A. Martin
      Published July 2012

      I just finished this book a few days ago. And, really, it hasn't settled right.

      Right off the bat, the book feels like it could've used another six to twelve months of polish, since every A plot and B plot just felt like it had been put into the book, worked on a tiny bit, and then was left because the author had run out of time. There were parts of the story where I found that I was looking for "meat", but all that the author gave was "fat" or "grisle".

      The Andorian plot, while it started off well with the Starfleet order, kind of went "jumped the shark" about half-way through the book, when Martin decided that it was time to introduce an Andorian warship from the new Andorian Empire---even though the timing between when Andor seceeded and, even the end of this book, was only about a month to a month and a half. When the Andorian warship showed up I was also wondering how the Andorians were able to construct it in such a short period of time, much less get it to Titan's position, since the Andorian space fleet, for the most part, was mothballed during the two centuries that Andor was a Federation member, since Starfleet would've had bases and starships patrolling the Andorian system and sector. I was expecting someone, in the book, to speak up and say "Well, it's a ship that they pulled out of one of their museums and did some upgrades too", but nothing about that was said.

      Anyway, it was a very poor, very hastily written book.

      Rating: 2.5 out of 10.