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25579Re: [Star Trek Books] Star Trek Vanguard comic

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  • akinssr@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2012
      Ha - yeah somehow the old gray matter doesn't retain info like it used to!!! Maybe I need to wear that spiked helmet Dr. McCoy wore when he worked on Spock's brain in TOS ep of the same title!!!! Reesa

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      With "series" books, I've also tended to wait awhile -- & recently if I wait
      more than a *little* while I end up having to start all over anyway -- many
      events are fuzzy, & even those for those that ring a bell (faint or
      otherwise) I don't remember details & sometimes even "how it comes out"
      so it's no hardship to reread. :-)

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      I think I'm going to re-read them too before I get to the final book - it's
      been a long time since I read one - I make myself wait a while between each
      one even after it comes out!!! That way I always have something to look
      forward to and now the events are kind of fuzzy from back at the beginning.
      I read for long stretches at a time but I read sooo many different kinds of
      books so it takes me a while to work around to all the Trek books. Lots of
      Vanguard to look forward to though!!! Reesa

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