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25537Re: [Star Trek Books] Dark Mirror

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  • Andrew Brown
    Feb 5, 2012
      > I' currently re-reading "Dark Mirror", for the third or fourth time. This
      > book could easily be a part of the Myriad Universes line, even though the
      > regular TNG cast appear in the story.
      > It's too bad that Paramount or Simon And Schuster haven't made anymore
      > stories in this Mirror Universe, since I kind of prefer it over the one
      > that was done in DS9 and the other books.
      > Trevor

      I agree Trevor. I love this book, and in fan-fiction canon (or fanon), this
      universe is called the Imperial Universe, since the Mirror Universe was
      carried on in DS9.

      However, I do think it a bit of a conceit that the Terran Empire would be
      so all-consuming and powerful; that none could stand against Humans if they
      chose to be evil.


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