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25509TNG #26 The Romulan Prize

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  • Linda Wrage
    Jan 2, 2012
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      I re-read TNG #26 THE ROMULAN PRIZE by Simon Hawke this weekend (finished it
      today).  I really enjoyed the book again. I had originally read the book several
      years ago. The only thing I remembered about the book is that it involved
      Romulans and that I really like it. It felt like I was reading a completely new
      book -- I had remembered almost nothing at all about the plot.

      My favorite character was Valak, the Romulan commander who had spent a lot of
      time studying human culture. He seemed different than the rest of the Romulans
      in the story in that he respected humans instead of considering them inferior.

      Good book!  There's quite a lot of action in it.

      Linda W.