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25425Re: [Star Trek Books] Re: "The Sorrows of Empire" by David Mack

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  • bj
    Sep 5, 2011
      I read some of the anthology stories -- don't think I finished all of them
      before getting distracted into another track!

      Is the novel an expansion of the anthology version? or how to they "relate"
      to each other?

      I'm currently into SCE, & have a few other ideas for my next batch, but it
      never hurts to stash away some ideas.

      Thanks for some really fun reads.

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      From: infinitydogalpha
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      Subject: [Star Trek Books] Re: "The Sorrows of Empire" by David Mack


      I'm glad to hear how much you enjoyed the novel-length version of The
      Sorrows of Empire. If you haven't already done so, I hope you'll read the
      other Mirror Universe stories set in the same continuity, in the anthologies
      Glass Empires, Obsidian Alliances, and Shards and Shadows.

      Then get ready for the sequel to The Sorrows of Empire --- Star Trek Mirror
      Universe: Rise Like Lions, coming this December.

      - David Mack
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