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25297Star Trek Voyager #1 Lifeline

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  • Trevor
    May 9, 2011
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      For a change, I went back to the original adventures of Kathryn Janeway. And I mean way back, to when she was just entering Starfleet Academy.

      I remember reading "Lifeline" when it first came out in 1997 after I found it in a "New" bookstore in Ottawa (I don't remember having heard about the series being released, but I do remember tha my mother, broth and sister and I had drove down to Ottawa for the day to do some back to school shopping, and I had taken my money that I had earned cutting grass along to spend on some books or a VHS or a videogame, whatever) and really being surprised that there was a new Voyager story out, and the character was closer to my age than on the TV show. (Plus, at the time, I had only seen a couple of episodes the year before because they were on a specialty channel that the cable company had thrown into an incentive package after we had moved into our new house; the only other Voyager stuff that I had come into contact with were a few of the adult novels such as "The Escape" or "Violations".)

      Anyway, it was an interesting read to see how Janeway used an Amelia Earhart-holo-counsellor as a "crutch" during her first month or two at the academy. And while the action wasn't that good (the action scenes consisted of simulated starship battles and an assignment given out because Janeway and one of her roommates left their posts during one of the simulated sequences), the story was a great character story, adding background to Janeway's Starfleet Academy backstory.

      Rating: 8 out 10.