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25194Spock direction (possible spolers)

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  • Ian McFarlane
    Jan 4, 2011
      I am in the middle of reading "Star Trek Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of
      Empire" and it has reminded me that in effect the JJ Abrams/Robert Orci
      storyline has actually set up some interesting Star Trek milestones not only
      for Spock but also for the Trek Universe as a whole! In fact the Countdown
      graphic novels even goes a step beyond that!

      Does anyone have any idea if Pocket Books will tackle any of these
      implications in 2012 and beyond? The storyline possibilities here are
      incredibly rich and varied.

      Incidentally, 2 of the 4 Typhon Pact novels definitely has provided some
      insight into what has happened to many of our favorite DS9 characters. IT
      provides some tantalizing morsels and even outright entrees. However, it
      also leaves some untold stories and leaves the story of what happened to one
      particular red headed Bajoran shrouded in mystery

      Good reading all around and lots of development surrounding Ben Sisko.

      In any case, for those of you who haven't checked it out, go take a look.

      Peace out.


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