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24399Re: (Spoilers so be careful)RE: [Star Trek Books] Soul Key Reviewed

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  • menes@gothboy.com
    Aug 4, 2009
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      Having recently finished "The Soul Key", I agree with everything that Ian
      said in his post. :-0)

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      From: "Ian McFarlane" <mackiedoo@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2009 9:24 AM
      Subject: (Spoilers so be careful)RE: [Star Trek Books] Soul Key Reviewed

      >I tended to disagree with the review actually. I just finished reading the
      > book today.
      > It's not the best DS9 novel that I ever read in my life but is as fast
      > pace
      > with scenes of dramatic tension and the like and it does have a nice tie
      > in
      > at the end with Rising Son. There's actually a lot of focus on Iliana
      > Ghemor
      > and there are some resolutions of a sort.
      > The main problem is that "The Soul Key" seems to be setting up storylines
      > that we won't see play out for at least 2 years! The next DS9 novel (from
      > what I gather) will be set in 2382 and will deal with events post the
      > Destiny Trilogy.
      > We're going to be seeing characters that have evolved dramatically during
      > a
      > 5 year period and probably dropping hints and subtexting like crazy.
      > My expectation is that 2011 will set up some kind of DS9 arc that will
      > fill
      > in at least some of this 5 year gap but that's a bit frustrating isn't it?
      > Maybe it will be called "DS9: The Lost Years" :P
      > I would almost have rathered that they kept going the way they were stuck
      > in
      > the period between 2377 and 2380-2381.
      > I remember that there was a debate once in this space where I questioned
      > the
      > sticking of DS9 to the 2376-2377 period. Proponents stated that one had to
      > finish the storyline no matter what it took. And that's great. I'm all for
      > that. How then do we reconcile that philosophy with jumping 5 years to
      > "The
      > Rough Beasts Of Empire" set in 2382?
      > In one sense, I would have loved to have seen parallel releases of DS9
      > novels (some set in the 2377-2380 period and others set in 2382. Now that
      > could have been interesting. At least people could keep dropping obscure
      > hints in the 2382 novels while readers could catch up on the 2377-2380
      > years
      > at their leisure.
      > iMac

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