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24373(Spoilers so be careful)RE: [Star Trek Books] Soul Key Reviewed

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  • Ian McFarlane
    Aug 2, 2009
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      I tended to disagree with the review actually. I just finished reading the
      book today.

      It's not the best DS9 novel that I ever read in my life but is as fast pace
      with scenes of dramatic tension and the like and it does have a nice tie in
      at the end with Rising Son. There's actually a lot of focus on Iliana Ghemor
      and there are some resolutions of a sort.

      The main problem is that "The Soul Key" seems to be setting up storylines
      that we won't see play out for at least 2 years! The next DS9 novel (from
      what I gather) will be set in 2382 and will deal with events post the
      Destiny Trilogy.

      We're going to be seeing characters that have evolved dramatically during a
      5 year period and probably dropping hints and subtexting like crazy.

      My expectation is that 2011 will set up some kind of DS9 arc that will fill
      in at least some of this 5 year gap but that's a bit frustrating isn't it?
      Maybe it will be called "DS9: The Lost Years" :P

      I would almost have rathered that they kept going the way they were stuck in
      the period between 2377 and 2380-2381.

      I remember that there was a debate once in this space where I questioned the
      sticking of DS9 to the 2376-2377 period. Proponents stated that one had to
      finish the storyline no matter what it took. And that's great. I'm all for
      that. How then do we reconcile that philosophy with jumping 5 years to "The
      Rough Beasts Of Empire" set in 2382?

      In one sense, I would have loved to have seen parallel releases of DS9
      novels (some set in the 2377-2380 period and others set in 2382. Now that
      could have been interesting. At least people could keep dropping obscure
      hints in the 2382 novels while readers could catch up on the 2377-2380 years
      at their leisure.


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      Jeff Ayers has reviewed the new DS9 novel The Soul Key for TrekWeb. Not a
      very favorable review--minor spoilers:



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