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22851Re: [Star Trek Books] Star Trek Book for Young Son

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  • Jackie Bundy
    May 1, 2008
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      --- alpacaboucle <alpacaboucle@...> wrote:

      > Hi all
      > I am new to this group and am hoping for some
      > suggesttions. Can anyone
      > recommend a first star trek book for my nine year
      > old ds. He has
      > watched all of Voyager, all of TOS, and much of Next
      > Gen and DS9. He
      > has read the Star Trek encyclopedia several times
      > over. He is an
      > excellent reader but I am more than willing to read
      > a novel aloud to
      > him. I think he would love a book the dealt with
      > star ships and battles.
      > As I am new to the Star Trek books myself, I am
      > unsure where to begin
      > with him. Thank you for your help.

      You would have to find them used but my children
      really loved the DS9 and TNG young adult titles. They
      literarly wore a couple of the titles out with
      rereading them. Your public library may have them as

      Sounds like he's a strong reader so I would pick
      something set in his favorite series that highlights a
      favorite character. My youngest was a big Worf fan so
      he started with the DeCandido's IKS Gorkon books.

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