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22464Re: [Star Trek Books] Star Trek: Academy?

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  • jamestkirksgirl
    Dec 1, 2007
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      I am reading Academy at the moment and it is very good, I'd rate it 4
      stars out of 5. It's my opinion that many of the "negative" reviews
      stem from what has become a hobby of many-Shatner bashing.
      Many go into the book with the preconception that this "Shatnerverse"
      so it must be crap. Not so. And of course the on going slander
      taht "he really does not write much of anything of these books"...I
      find that offensive sine no one knows exactly what percentage of
      input he 'does' put into his books. Those who would argue that the
      Kirk-Spock characters are not what they should be, well it must we do
      not know what these characters were in thier youth, so that argument
      is moot. I find the characters to fit well with how these men matured
      int who they became, and how events in thier youth formed thier
      character. Just my opinion.

      --- In startrekbooks@yahoogroups.com, Kacs Spock <kacsspock1221@...>
      > T.J.
      > I have the book and it was pretty good. A quick read for me-
      took about 2 days. Interesting start to the book- but once it got
      going it really felt like the original characters. If you like TOS
      and especially a back story on the Kirk and Spock charaters, I think
      you will enjoy it. Kirk's brother and father make an appearence. As
      does Sarek, Amanda, Captain Pike, the big E, and Finnigan!
      > Plus, there are some references to "Enterprise" series as well. I
      think it worth picking up. Though if you don't like to wait for the
      next part of the story, it may not be to you liking. The story will
      be continued in another book!:) But, I still enjoyed it a lot!:)
      > Hope that helps without giving to much away to you. If I did it
      might spoil it for you.
      > Kacs
      > "T. J. Harrington" <t_anna_kirk@...> wrote:
      > Hi; has anyone read this new book by William Shatner? Is
      it any good?
      > Any thoughts; on it? Whether it's worth buying or not; I'll have to
      > it for my collection.
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