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22055RE: [Star Trek Books] And Then, It Happened

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  • Ian McFarlane
    Sep 1, 2007
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      I'd recommend:

      Section 31: Rogue (one of the best TNG stories ever)

      Titan: Taking Wing and The Red King

      DS9: The 34th Rule

      Lost Era: Serpents Amongst The Ruins.

      Cream of the crop right there. Cream of the crop.

      Jackie's recommendations for Vendetta and Q SQUARED are also top notch
      choices in my opinion.

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      If he likes TOS I'd definately recommend SPOCK'S WORLD
      by Diane Duanne, THE FINAL REFLECTION by John Ford,
      FEDERATION by Judith and Garth Reeves-Stevens and
      STRANGERS FROM THE SKY by Margaret Wander Bonanno.

      Some great early TNG includes VENDETTA and Q, SQUARED
      both by Peter David. If he is a big Picard fan I'd
      also recommend REUNION by Michael Jan Friedman and
      SHIPS OF THE LINE by Diane Carey.

      Oh and the Khan novels EUGENICS WARS, BOOK 1 & 2 by
      Greg Cox are a really fun if the character of Khan
      appeals to him at all.

      > >I have read only a fraction of the books but have
      > all books prior to
      > >2002 and most from then to now.
      > >
      > >Any recommendations for my father, a retired 65
      > year old veteran?

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