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21979Stargazer Off Hand?

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  • menes@gothboy.com
    Aug 2 5:55 AM
      I'm currently reading "Hollow Men" by Una McCormack. A book that feels
      very much like a lost episode of DS9, and I suppose that's the point isn't
      it? lol

      But I've been catching up on Treks that have passed me by, and I while I've
      been uphappy with some of Michael Jan Friedman's writing, I'd like to read
      the Stargazer stories; hopefully in order, as I've never read any of them
      before. I'm sure I could figure out exactly how to read them if I tried,
      but I'm kind of pressed for time, so I thought maybe someone here could tell
      me the correct order to read these stories in. I know that the Stargazer
      crew appear in the following books (all of which I already own, except books
      5 & 6 of the actual Stargazer novels - and I own the combined "Pantheon"
      version of Reunion / The Valiant):

      The Next Generation: Reunion
      The Next Generation: The Valiant
      Double Helix #6: The First Virtue
      Stargazer 01: Gauntlet
      Stargazer 02: Progenitor
      Stargazer 03: Three
      Stargazer 04: Oblivion
      Stargazer 05: Enigma
      Stargazer 06: Maker
      The Next Generation #32: Requiem (Prologue)
      Tales from the Captain's Table: Darkness
      The Next Generation: The Buried Age (A Tale of the Lost Era)
      Tales of the Dominion War: What Dreams May Come

      Have I missed any? If anyone could let me know the order these take place,
      and if if I've missed any appearances of the Stargazer crew, that would be
      fantastic! Thanks!

      Bald Jason
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