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21880Re: [Star Trek Books] Answers about eBooks, eNovels

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  • Steve Roby
    Jun 5, 2007
      On 6/2/07, lonereconeagle <lonereconeagle@...> wrote:
      > Second, the reason store are low on
      > Trek books and high on Star Wars books is due to previous 12 month
      > sales and returns to the publisher.

      The reason stores have a lot of Star Wars books is because they sell a lot
      of Star Wars books. Star Wars books sell a lot more copies than Star Trek
      books. Locus, the news magazine of the science fiction book world, has a
      number of monthly bestseller lists from various sources (big chains,
      specialty SF stores, etc). On average, IIRC, about 80% of the best-selling
      media tie-in books are Star Wars books.

      > Third, TPTB at Borders have told their employees that
      > within the next decade, there will be no more book stores and they
      > all will be out of jobs. The reason? eBooks will take over the market
      > and people will only have that choice in book format.

      I have books printed before my parents were born, when my grandparents were
      young (a few Tom Swift books from 1910-1920, for example). They still work.
      Books are not dependent on a particular platform, program, or OS. Ebooks as
      they exist today not only won't replace print books, they can't. They simply
      cannot do what print books can, and the things that ebooks can do that print
      books can't don't make up for it.

      Show me an ebook reader that doesn't need any more power source than ambient
      light, that doesn't cost anything, that you can share with someone else,
      that can't break, that you can safely forget at a cafe or on the bus, that
      doesn't need Internet access, that can be handled without any training or
      learning curve by a four-year-old or an eighty-year-old, that you can drop
      in a box and pick up again decades later and read without difficulty, and
      then you might start getting close to eliminating print books.


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