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21878Re: [Star Trek Books] Answers about eBooks, eNovels

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  • James Sorensen
    Jun 4, 2007
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      I have to chime in with another perspective. I have a library in my basement with over 6000 books. I take great joy and pride in my books and they are my greatest material possessions. Yes, I have every book of Star Trek fiction that has been published ( except for the Young Adult books- I'm working on them ) and they take center stage. My point is that ebooks do not look so good on a shelf. And although ebook readership is growing, it is doing so very slowly. Publishers Weekly as reported more ebook companies going out of business than those starting up. I do agree that this format will continue to grow, but there will always be people like me that want to see their books on a shelf rather than looking for their books in the last place they tossed the lastest e-reader they purchased. Too many want to feel the wieght of the books in their hands and the expectation of turning the next page. Besides as long as there is a buck to be made someone will publish them and
      someone else will sell them even if we have to go to Amazon to buy them.

      April Payne <april_anastasia@...> wrote:
      >>>>Next time, digital eMovies and eTV shows. How George Lucas believes
      that DVDs (regular, HD, and Blu-Ray) are on their way out and how
      digital downloads of movies and TV series is the wave of the future.<<<<

      But I don't watch movies on my computer! I like sitting comfortably in my livingroom/home theater with the surround sound and the widescreen HDTV. Growl, growl, grumble, grumble.


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