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21871Re: [Star Trek Books] Answers about eBooks, eNovels

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  • Jackie Bundy
    Jun 3, 2007
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      --- lonereconeagle <lonereconeagle@...> wrote:

      > Its funny you should write that, Jackie.
      > Last week i had a long talk with the Border Books
      > employee in charge
      > of the SciFi section. A few things came to light.
      > First, because of
      > the difficulty of having regular scifi book in
      > alphabeticaly order by
      > last name followed by series in alphabetical order,
      > Borders has
      > decided to move all novel series into the mix. So
      > instead of going to
      > the end of the scifi rows and looking for Star Trek,
      > it now will be
      > between Stackpole and Tolkein. Second, the reason
      > store are low on
      > Trek books and high on Star Wars books is due to
      > previous 12 month
      > sales and returns to the publisher. When Borders
      > orders the next Trek
      > novel, they look at the sales from each Trek novel
      > from the past 12
      > months & their returns to the publisher and then
      > decide how little to
      > order. Sometime they arrive on date from the Borders
      > warehouse and
      > sometimes they arrive days late. As for Star Wars,
      > Borders says they
      > cannot keep new Star Wars books in stock and they
      > always over order
      > them and display them at the front door so that they
      > can sell the
      > most they can. Third, TPTB at Borders have told
      > their employees that
      > within the next decade, there will be no more book
      > stores and they
      > all will be out of jobs. The reason? eBooks will
      > take over the market
      > and people will only have that choice in book
      > format.

      Funny, I work for Borders and our store doesn't work
      like that. For example the new Vanguard novel is
      prominent on the new paperback display along with
      other SciFi titles.

      > How does this tie-in with your quote? My dad is in
      > his mid 60s. He
      > likes reading, but cant find large print books that
      > he wants to buy
      > (BTW, large print is either 11 reg, 13 reg, or 16
      > BOLD font). When
      > was the last time you saw a MMPB, large print of
      > Louis L'Amour?
      > Never. That publishing group only prints HB, large
      > print books. My
      > dad cannot afford the prices of HB books. And there
      > are have been no
      > releases of eBooks by that author.

      Your Dad might want to approach the public library for
      help. There are several publishers who reprint titles
      in large print for libraries. Even if your closest
      library doesn't carry the titles he's looking for they
      should be able to order them for him.

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