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21685Bio of DeForest Kelley "From Sawdust to Stardust" by Terry Lee Rioux

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    Apr 2, 2007
      Just finished this last night and it is wonderful!!! It's very well written and explores Kelley's early life in Georgia as a preacher's son and his move west to seek his fortune in Hollywood. It shows the gritty underside of the film industry - even back then - and the difficulty in having success consistently. Through every thing though - Kelley kept his sense of self and his values and his self respect. The author interviewed lots of people who worked with him over the years and old friends and some fans - they all talk about what a kind, gentle, and generous person he was and that's what I've always heard and read about Kelley. His marriage to Carolyn is portrayed as a true love story that lasted throughout their lives - very sweet and strong and loving. It was great to read about his time on TOS and the subsequent movies - he made it look easy bringing Dr. McCoy to life - and the series and the movies would have been a lot less successful without our favorite crusty old doctor. I can't say enough about this eloquently written biography - at the end - I felt like I'd had a real glimpse into this elegant southern gentleman's long and eventful life. Reesa
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