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  • April Payne
    Feb 2, 2007
      Glad to know I'm not the only slow reader in this group! I used to not break in the middle of a chapter, but these days with so many things vying for my time, I read as long as I'm able to, (before I get antsy and realize there were other things I should be doing) and if that means I set the book down in mid-chapter, so be it. I've read some books with really long chapters, after all. These days I only read for about an hour at a time and sadly, not every day.


      David Young <youngtrek@...> wrote:
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      >I usually read in bed, before sleeping, about half an hour, or a little
      >more when I don't fall asleep. I always try to read at least a chapter. I
      >don't like to stop in the middle of a chapter.
      > I'm quite slow to read a star trek. First because I'm a slow reader and
      > second because English is not my mother language, so it takes me more time
      > to read a book in English than in French.

      [David:] Old message I'm responding to but I just thought that I'd add that
      the above comments pretty much sum up my reading habits as well (up to the
      "because English is not my mother language..." part, that is). :) (In other
      words, I also 1) tend to read at night before going to bed, 2) tend to try
      to read at least one chapter and don't like to stop in the middle of a
      chapter if I can help it (although if the chapters have those double line
      break sub-divisions, that's not as bad as I can still make a "clean break"
      if they have those), and 3) am a slow reader.)

      David Young
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