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1892Avatar Book One

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  • imacmike_2000
    May 1, 2001
      Just finished Avatar Book One and it was great! I
      wizzed through it this weekend, finishing the last 20
      pages last night. Just started Book Two on my commute
      to work today.<br><br>I thought that the characters
      were right on target (at least the ones we know) and
      the new characters are very interesting as well. I
      especially like the Shar characterization and look forward
      to learning more about his past. I was shocked by
      what happened to one character, although it makes
      sense. The plot is well developed and intriguing. It is
      nice to hear what is going on in the characters' heads
      too. <br><br>All in all an excellent read! <br><br>Any
      one else has comments yet?<br><br>Mike<br><br>PS If
      you are looking for another great read, pick up
      Keith's Farscape novel House of Cards! Keith, if you are
      listening, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Is there anyplace to
      talk about the book with others who have read it?
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